CEO Anthony Petrello Matches Donations For Hurricane Relief

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was very devastating, it has affected more than 13 million people from areas located in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Category 4 hurricane has forced well over 38,000 Houston inhabitants out of their homes and fleeing to safety into emergency shelters. The damage was overwhelming and at one point, the flooding seemed like it would never come to an end. Food and supplies were in such a high demand that it was scare for a lot of the storm evacuees. Many Houston businesses quickly helped after the natural disaster, whether it was to provide aid, food, necessities or rebuild local business or homes. One of the helpful businesses that responded promptly was Houston’s own, Nabors Industries.

The employees at Nabors Industries took time off from their work schedules to help out with the Hurricane Harvey relief. The company has sent their workers to many different locations in the areas impacted by the storm along the Gulf Coast. The President and CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello vowed to match any donations that his employees had contributed. They ended up with an exact total of $173,622 of relief contributions before Mr. Petrello made his generous matching donation. The donation were part of the company’s “Nabors Disaster Relief Fund” and the money went towards any active relief efforts.

Formally known as Anglo Energy, Nabors Industries Ltd. was established in 1968, their operational headquarters are in Houston, Texas and they have an additional incorporation headquarter located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Anthony G. Petrello serves as the current president, CEO as well as chairman of the board for the company. He graduated from Harvard Law School with a J.D. degree and received a B.S. and M.S. degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Prior to Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello worked at the law offices of Baker & McKenzie from the years of 1979 to 1991. He joined Nabors in 1991, initially staring as their chief operating officer before becoming the company’s head. Nabors Industries is one of the world’s largest land drilling contractors of oil, geothermal and natural gas. Nabors Industries has a total of twenty-five global operations that altogether have over 500 active and working rigs.


Securus Technologies Is Working To Prevent Illegal Cell Phone Communications In The Prisons That Leads To Crimes

For seven years Robert Johnson has been telling a story about the dangers of inmates using cell phones. He has worked in corrections for fifteen years, and he worked at South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution in 2010. His job was the confiscation of contraband. Approximately two weeks before he was shot inside his home, he had intercepted a big package thought valued at $50,000. He was called into work on March 5th of 2010. He got up at 5:30 a.m. and heard his front door being kicked in. A large man raised a gun, and his next memory was waking up on the floor of the bathroom. He had been shot six times in the chest and stomach from less than six feet. The hospital chaplain told his wife he did not believe he would survive. His survival was miracle. Sean Echols was arrested and convicted of trying to kill Johnson. He was an ex-convict.


A cellphone was used to contact Echols. The contract was placed using a Greendot card for $6,000. Johnson has had 23 surgeries in seven years with constant pain. He is trying to prevent inmates from using cell phones to commit crimes. One crime I found shocking was when Kendarius Edwards, a nine-month old baby was shot in Georgia while in the arms of his mother. A prison inmate ordered the murder because he was displeased with the actions of the baby’s uncle. I find this ridiculous. The FCC became involved in March, and they are attempting to control the use of cell phones. Federal law restricts blocking or jamming cell phone signals. Johnson now works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. They are using a Wireless Containment System to prevent these calls. A powerful antenna allows only known numbers including 911 to connect. All other calls are dropped. Securus has blocked 1.7 million calls from inmates.


Securus Technologies shares the nation’s shock over cell phones being used to commit crimes. A 3 ½ minute Facebook video allegedly shows Jose Ariel Rivera, a 31-year old inmate currently serving a sentence for burglary for ten years wielding a knife. He has been caught with a cellphone in the past. The Wireless Containment Solution from Securus Technologies has been designed so these types of incidents can be detected and prevented. If the system from Securus had been installed, Rivera would not have been able to connect to the wireless network meant for commercial use. The data Securus collected last month with their Wireless Containment Solution has been released. This demonstrated how severe contraband cell phone usage is in our nation. Their technology is so sophisticated 1.7 calls were stopped in eight correctional facilities in the U.S. in one year. I strongly believe Securus has the right idea.


Talk Fusion Expands to New Digital Platforms

Talk Fusion is a small tech company, at least in comparison to much of the larger world of technology, that has spent its time focusing on the value of video marketing and direct communication. Talk Fusion is the brainchild of CEO Bob Reina and Reina is the primary reason that the company has continued on its ever-forward march toward success. Reina is a charismatic leader who seems to fundamentally understand why the power of video content is so important. Reina has a habit of always pushing his innovations to the next level and that is what we are here to talk about today.



Bob Reina and Talk Fusion announced two brand new websites to their marketing lineup: as well as The goal of these two platforms is to create the opportunity for prospective Talk Fusion customers and clients the chance to learn about the company and join up for an Opportunity Presentation with just a few clicks of the mouse. By visiting JoinTalkFusion, visitors will be guided through a few videos and a presentation as to how Talk Fusion can be of service for their marketing needs. They are then directed to visit TalkFusionInstantPay in order to register for a live Opportunity Presentation that is hosted by a high ranking member of Talk Fusion. These presentations are held at specific hours every single day and there are both English and Spanish classes available as well as classes in a variety of other languages, as provided by the scheduler on the website.


Bob Reina opened up about his decision to launch these two new websites by saying, “This business is all about duplication.” Reina goes on to say, “Everyone is given the same opportunity to succeed here, no matter where they live, what language they speak, or how much they know about technology or networking.”


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are wrapping up a successful 2017 that saw several major pieces of their marketing suite receive industry acclaim. Most recently, Talk Fusion’s decision to work with WebRTC technology on their Video Chat app helped to engineer some major advancements in video marketing. Learn more:

Soros Provides Massive Funding for his Open Society Foundations Organization

“Put your money where your mouth is” is an old saying that simply means to back up your actions and/or beliefs with your funding. George Soros is a man who really lives out this idiom. He is a liberal financier with his own philanthropy organization called Open Society Foundations. This organization is used by Soros to make billions of dollars in contributions to various political and social groups that support the liberal agenda. Soros fund these groups all over the world. He wants to ensure that democracy and freedom reign supreme throughout the world. Soros champions what he calls “open societies”. An open society is one where people have the right to vote, worship as they please and to compete against each other within free markets.

The work that Open Society Foundations perform is vital for helping societies to stay free and engaged. In October of 2017, George Soros transferred a whopping $18 billion dollars to his agency. This is one of the largest transfers of wealth to a philanthropic organization by a private donor. This amount of money is so staggering that it could literally fund thousands of political and social organizations for numerous years.Soros has been active in the realm of politics starting in the early 2000s. While he was always involved in this field throughout the course of his life, he did not immerse himself into the political arena until the 2004 Presidential Election between George W. Bush and John Kerry. Bush won that election despite of Soros’ contribution. The democratic supporter felt the sting of Kerry’s defeat but he did not give up. Soros dug his heels in and began to provide more financing to support Obama in 2008. This time around his effort paid off. It also paid off once again in 2012 when Obama took the office again. In 2016 Soros funded Hilary Clinton’s run for the White House but Donald Trump gained the victory.

Soros is now working over time to thwart President Trump’s agenda for America and the world. Many social and political organizations are also funded by Soros. He stands behind these organizations because they are important for keeping the conservative agenda in check.Organizations that support civil rights, transgender laws and same sex marriage bills are also endorsed by Soros. Keep in mind that Soros does not necessarily agree with every liberal organization’s cause. However, he supports many of them because they have the right to live as they choose. Soros’s contribution to his own organization ensures that it will be well funded into the future. Many social and political groups stand behind Soros in his effort to support the left. They know that his contributions are essential for their function and relevancy within society.

Todd Lubar – A Great Inspirer to Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is real estate entrepreneur and the current head of TDL Global Ventures. He has been in the real estate sector for more than 20 years striving to offer assistance to others and make their dreams of owning a home come true. He has been ranked among the 25 top mortgage originators in the United States for some years.

Besides working in real estate field, he has also worked in other areas like entertainment, building and mortgage banking. His passion for serving the society and experience for long has enabled him to leverage his business acumen to help others, reports His desire to help people make their dreams come true motivated him to start TDL Global ventures. This venture was a right approach to get rid of the obstacles that many people face when seeking for loans.

Being willingly is something that Todd Lubar says he sources ideas from. His willingness and experience gained from real estate made him work in mortgage banking and his venture. He says the will is the driving force for any entrepreneur looking to be successful. Lubar says that being well organized and keep track of everything about a business is the way to becoming productive in the entrepreneur world. This enables one to make a sound decision that contributes to the positive growth of the business.

Hard work is another crucial attributing factor in the growth of business. Though it may seem repetitive and tiresome, an entrepreneur’s goals should keep him or her motivated to work hard till they are attained. An individual should bear in mind that getting to bigger places requires a lot of little moments of hard work. On crunchbase, Todd Lubar gives credit to trust and honest communication in growing a business. This enables raising concerns and ideas about a business among the stakeholders where they can point out which areas they want to improve for the better of business.

The journey to successful entrepreneurship of Todd Lubar shows that teamwork plays a significant role in building a business successfully. One should surround yourself with individuals who challenge you and help you to develop professionally and personally.

Josh Smith’s Innovative Greenhouses Panels Could Curb World Hunger

Josh Smith Founder and CEO of Modular Greenhouses, located in Reno, Nevada, has developed a new and innovative structure in the greenhouse glass business. Meanwhile, researchers have created a method of growing greenhouse plants plus the added benefit of gathering the energy of the sun at the same time by altering the color of the roof glass.

It can be costly to operate a greenhouse because the buildings need to have constant environmental monitoring, including lighting, water distribution and temperature, in order to effectively grow the plants. When growing year-round plants this cost to run the power is even greater due to less sunlight and lower temperatures.

Carbon emissions is also a growing concern with the new network of greenhouses. A study performed by Cornell University discovered that approximately four acres of greenhouses produced more than 9 million pounds of the emissions.

But a  new roof glass is specially tinted to a pink hue. This pink glass proved to generate the solar power needed to control the temperatures and effectively take the greenhouse off the grid. Unplugging the greenhouses from the grid will have an impact on the carbon emissions and the cost, which in turn could greatly impact the environment and food producing potential of some communities.

The Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems uses a luminescent dye that is magenta in color. This dye in infused in the glass panels. Research is still being done at the Reno, Nevada facility to calculate the products overall sustainability but Josh Smith and his team see it as progress to a food producing greenhouse system that is unplugged, more cost effective, and better for the earth.

Modular Greenhouses is Joshua Smith’s company where he mentors a knowledgeable team of employees that all have liked minded visions of a future fueled with greenhouses. Being based in Reno, Nevada has given Smith the opportunity to work on programs in the Washoe County school system to incorporate education, greenhouses and gardening programs.

Modular Greenhouses, along with Josh Smith, strive to bring sustainable ways for communities and organizations around the world to grow food and help put an end to hunger.

Academy of Art University Continues to Set New Trends in Fashion Design

For the twenty first time in a row, the Academy of Art University showcased cutting edge fashion designs from a group of its highly talented former students. The festivities took place on September 9, 2017, as a part of the world famous New York Fashion Week. The featured fashion designs were created by recent BFA and MFA graduates from the academy. Center stage at Skylight Clarkson Square, were a total of five womenswear and two menswear collections. On the runway were a number of progressive and inspirational garments, including several that were created by students who worked together as partners in design.

The Academy of Art University is the largest accredited private art and design university in the United States, based in San Francisco, California. Because of the school’s size and reputation, it is no surprise that thousands of aspiring fashion designers flock there every year, from around the world. The annual roster includes students from countries such as China, Mexico and other unique and colorful places abroad. Many students also originate from a number of fashion forward domestic locales, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

At the Academy of Art University, students are prepared to hit the ground running in the fashion design industry. Each year a group of up and coming fashion designers graduate with the skills that they need to become well know fashion designers in their own right, if they choose, working as entrepreneurs. Students are also prepared to work in more traditional settings, as buyers and designers for well known fashion houses and clothing retailers.

The training that is offered by the Academy of Art University also prepares students for work in a wide range of other exciting creative areas. The other educational options at the school include programs in the following fields: art history, fine arts, illustration, metal arts, interior design, filmmaking, photography, game architecture, graphic design, web design, music production and more.

Ultimately, Academy of Art University graduates leave the school well equipped to work in a wide range of creative fields as business owners, or for many champions of industry. This list includes well known names like Apple, Pixar, Nike and beyond. When you consider the school’s track record and results, it is clear that the Academy of Arts University provides students with the keys to success in virtually any creative field their hearts desire.

Lawyer Bruno Fagali Leads Integrity Campaigns In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer as well as a corporate integrity manager in Brazil. He is dedicated to ensuring that corruption is eliminated from the public and private sectors in Brazil. As a contract lawyer, he ensures that dubious contracts do not see the light of the day. As an integrity manager, he is a leading advocate of a corruption-free society. He continues to propagate the message of transparency and integrity all over Brazil. He uses his legal position as a lawyer to litigate corruption cases before the courts of law.

Bruno Fagali is the founder of Fagali Advocacy, a law firm stationed in Sao Paulo. He is also the Corporate Integrity Manager of an advertising agency called New/sb. It is one of the biggest advertising agency in Brazil. He has a role in developing an corporate integrity program for the corporate agency that will ensure that it is compliant with the law of the land.


With almost ten years in the legal practice, Bruno Fagali has enough knowledge that enables him to come up with legal solutions that address the dragon of corruption in the public and private sectors. He is conversant with measures that can be put up to address this issue in an effective way.

Bruno Fagali is highly experienced in matters administration law, urban law, regulatory law, ethics, and compliance. Since his appointment as the integrity manager of Nova/sb, he has started many initiatives that have brought integrity in the advertising agency. The agency is involved in numerous business contracts especially those sourced from various departments of the government. Due to the sad state of corruption in government departments, there has been a spirited fight to eliminate this menace. Nova/sb as a leading agency working with the government wants to lead the way in driving in the tradition of integrity in these contracts.

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Freedom Debt Relief has Helped People to Get Out of Paying Endless Financial Debts

Freedom Debt Relief is a company that working in helping people to resolve their debts for less than what they owe and again very quickly so that the burden of debt will not continue bothering you. Freedom Debt Relief company has debt consultants that take clients through the strategies they apply in determining how to make them debt free. Their consultants work together with the clients so as to design a saving program that will enable them to make significant savings which can resolve the debt in a very short time than one would expect. After designing the plan and making an agreement, the clients are given a monthly plan of repaying the money.

Many clients have acknowledged the help they have received from Freedom Debt Relief and this is evident in the many positive Freedom Debt Relief reviews. There are many freedom debt reviews that show how different customers have benefited from the company’s program. From these freedom debt reviews, many people can get enlightened on how they can get themselves out of debts.

Garry is an independent contractor who found himself in debts, the money coming in his business was less than the money going out. He therefore chose to seek for help. He called Freedom Debt Relief. They understood and comforted him that he was not the only one. They worked together to develop a program for him. They negotiated and helped him settled all his credit card bills.

Julie M’s husband was laid off. They had no money. She started using credit card to pay her bills. Her personal business could not generate enough cash to support the family. She chose to talk to Freedom debt relief. Her first contact was so kind and caring. They gave her a sense of relief. They assured her a financial well being. She found the company great.

According to Keyvon P’s freedom debt review, Keyvon had credit cards and offers that made him pay minimum ends than never end. You pay for life. His debts accumulated and started having endless phone calls being reminded about his debts. He started looking for solution. He went online and filled Freedom Debt’s form. They called him back. The next thing they negotiated about his credit. They then paid it off. He is no longer worried about his bills. No more sleepless nights. The greatest feeling. He recommends people to take it.

Todd Lubar Shares Thoughts on Baltimore Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is the CEO and Founder of the TDL Ventures Company based in the United States. The TDK Ventures Company is a credit company that issues financing solutions to people seeking better business solutions when it comes to securing their dream homes. For the company, they have always worked towards sustaining their business value in a manner that depicts better business in the real estate industry. Todd Lubar is also one of the most respected real estate agents for his commitment towards the success of the industry. His solutions in the industry have been adopted on a massive scale as he works to develop fascinating business solutions in the real estate sector.

Todd Lubar is also the CEO and Founder of the Legendary Investment Company based in the United States. Todd Lubar founded the company to assist him to develop new relationships with other investors to help his real estate clients get the most sophisticated business solution towards seeking the homes of their dreams. When Todd Lubar worked towards developing the real estate entity, he was still one of the best real estate agents in the country, his level of success can’t be compared to any other in the real estate industry. Check out Inspirery to know more.

Todd Lubar worked for the Crestar Mortgage Company based in Baltimore when he was out of college. Todd Lubar graduated with the highest honors with a Speech Communication degree. While he was still in college, he had no idea about the business venture he would incline his education. However, his hopes thrived to become the best in the industry. Todd Lubar had hope that he would become a business person in the country. This is why he is named as one of the best serial entrepreneurs in the United States. When Todd Lubar was entering the real estate industry, he had no idea how the Speech Communication degree from the Maryland State University will assist him. It came to his surprise that clients only wanted to know what you have to say for them to commit their money to your service in the real estate sector. Todd Lubar is one of the most successful real estate agents in the United States.

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