Josh Smith’s Innovative Greenhouses Panels Could Curb World Hunger

Josh Smith Founder and CEO of Modular Greenhouses, located in Reno, Nevada, has developed a new and innovative structure in the greenhouse glass business. Meanwhile, researchers have created a method of growing greenhouse plants plus the added benefit of gathering the energy of the sun at the same time by altering the color of the roof glass.

It can be costly to operate a greenhouse because the buildings need to have constant environmental monitoring, including lighting, water distribution and temperature, in order to effectively grow the plants. When growing year-round plants this cost to run the power is even greater due to less sunlight and lower temperatures.

Carbon emissions is also a growing concern with the new network of greenhouses. A study performed by Cornell University discovered that approximately four acres of greenhouses produced more than 9 million pounds of the emissions.

But a  new roof glass is specially tinted to a pink hue. This pink glass proved to generate the solar power needed to control the temperatures and effectively take the greenhouse off the grid. Unplugging the greenhouses from the grid will have an impact on the carbon emissions and the cost, which in turn could greatly impact the environment and food producing potential of some communities.

The Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems uses a luminescent dye that is magenta in color. This dye in infused in the glass panels. Research is still being done at the Reno, Nevada facility to calculate the products overall sustainability but Josh Smith and his team see it as progress to a food producing greenhouse system that is unplugged, more cost effective, and better for the earth.

Modular Greenhouses is Joshua Smith’s company where he mentors a knowledgeable team of employees that all have liked minded visions of a future fueled with greenhouses. Being based in Reno, Nevada has given Smith the opportunity to work on programs in the Washoe County school system to incorporate education, greenhouses and gardening programs.

Modular Greenhouses, along with Josh Smith, strive to bring sustainable ways for communities and organizations around the world to grow food and help put an end to hunger.

Bruce Bent II’s Remarkable Invention in Financial Management

The money market fund was a substitute to the bank accounts that would allow preservation of cash as a deposit and a return on the same. A money market fund refers to pool funds where people are allowed to borrow and lend in short-term securities usually less than one year at an interest such as in treasury bills and commercial notes. The yields are relatively higher than those of the bank and are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940. They are a significant financial instrument that provides liquidity in the economy.

The Money Market Funds maintains a stable net asset value (NAV) per share of $1.00 in the United States which should never fluctuate downwards according to the provisions of 40 Act under Rule 2a-7. In the event it does, the term “broke the buck” is used to describe this drop in value. Only three incidences of breaking the buck were recorded before the global economic crisis of 2008; implying money market mutual funds are safe and stable. In the management of such happenings, capital is drawn back to reimburse security losses and avoid funds breaking the buck.

About Bruce Bent II

Bruce R. Bent II is an American investor and entreprenuer. Bent II is quite knowledgeable in money market funds and other financial aspects. He attended Northeastern University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Philosophy.

He is the CEO, Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation; a financial technology company that provides financial services in the banking sector, broker-dealers, and retail markets. His excellent and well-informed choices and skills in financial services, asset and risk management, strategic planning, mutual funds, securities, and equities has been the catalyst for his success.


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