The Greyhound Diaries Showcase A Forgotten Portion Of America

The Man Behind The Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is the person who created a project called the Greyhound Diaries. Seeking adventure and wanting to travel within his native United States, Doug Levitt embarked on a journey across the country by Greyhound Bus. The experiences and stories he compiled while traveling by Greyhound Bus culminated in a project that Doug Levitt named the Greyhound Diaries.

Mr. Levitt could very well afford to travel by airplane or car across the United States. However, Doug Levitt wanted to capture a very different side of America. There are millions of people struggling to get by. Many people cannot afford the luxury of airplane travel from one city to the next. The Greyhound Diaries tell the story of the forgotten person in the United States. It is the story of people who are not covered by the media or newspaper, but are out there among us.

Left with no other alternative, these forgotten people travel by bus across the country. The Greyhound Diaries describes the experiences Doug Levitt shared while he was in the shoes of such people. It is a project reminiscent of Great Depression era projects. Artists, writers and historians were hired by the federal government to document people’s hardships. The Greyhound Diary is similar to these programs. One major difference though, is that Doug Levitt financed the project on his own.

A Closer Look At The Greyhound Diaries

Greyhound buses run through corners of America that many airline carriers don’t go to. This allowed Doug Levitt to see hidden rural, urban and suburban areas of the country where most people don’t ever go. While traveling by bus, Doug realized a very important thing. People will naturally tend to see what they share in common. Instead of viewing each other as different and as rivals, traveling by bus had made Doug realize that we all share something in common.

Our current way of life though, makes it easy to forget what we share in common with others. The Greyhound Diaries describes this experience through journal entries, songs and poems. It is an artistic endeavor as well as a social endeavor about a forgotten class of people.

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Doug Levitt Gives A Voice To Struggling Americans

If there is one thing that a lot of struggling Americans and people that are down on their luck need, it is a voice. Fortunately, Doug Levitt is getting ready to be one of those voices. He is putting together a large book that is filled with a lot of stories from people that are struggling. He is doing this through his travels on the Greyhound Bus. He sits with people who are traveling with people and talks with them as they share their stories about their struggles. He gets to know where they come from and where they are going.

Doug Levitt himself is a writer, songwriter and singer. Among the things he plans to do with the stories he gets from the people that he talks to is to adapt them into songs as well as put them in his book. These stories that he is collecting are not just sad stories, but they are also very inspiring. For one thing, he is not just looking to show people in pain and needing help, he is looking to show people that are doing things about their circumstances. He is also looking to show that there is still hope for people in all circumstances.

The Greyhound Diaries are going to be filled with stories that warm harts and shed tears. With all of the inspiration that he is gonna get from people, maybe he could shake the people who are more fortunate out of apathy. One thing that he is trying to do is put a human face to the struggles of the world. As the struggling are given a human face, they will be more likely to receive the help and the responses needed to ease the struggles of the many that have been affected by different circumstances.

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