Academy of Art University Continues to Set New Trends in Fashion Design

For the twenty first time in a row, the Academy of Art University showcased cutting edge fashion designs from a group of its highly talented former students. The festivities took place on September 9, 2017, as a part of the world famous New York Fashion Week. The featured fashion designs were created by recent BFA and MFA graduates from the academy. Center stage at Skylight Clarkson Square, were a total of five womenswear and two menswear collections. On the runway were a number of progressive and inspirational garments, including several that were created by students who worked together as partners in design.

The Academy of Art University is the largest accredited private art and design university in the United States, based in San Francisco, California. Because of the school’s size and reputation, it is no surprise that thousands of aspiring fashion designers flock there every year, from around the world. The annual roster includes students from countries such as China, Mexico and other unique and colorful places abroad. Many students also originate from a number of fashion forward domestic locales, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

At the Academy of Art University, students are prepared to hit the ground running in the fashion design industry. Each year a group of up and coming fashion designers graduate with the skills that they need to become well know fashion designers in their own right, if they choose, working as entrepreneurs. Students are also prepared to work in more traditional settings, as buyers and designers for well known fashion houses and clothing retailers.

The training that is offered by the Academy of Art University also prepares students for work in a wide range of other exciting creative areas. The other educational options at the school include programs in the following fields: art history, fine arts, illustration, metal arts, interior design, filmmaking, photography, game architecture, graphic design, web design, music production and more.

Ultimately, Academy of Art University graduates leave the school well equipped to work in a wide range of creative fields as business owners, or for many champions of industry. This list includes well known names like Apple, Pixar, Nike and beyond. When you consider the school’s track record and results, it is clear that the Academy of Arts University provides students with the keys to success in virtually any creative field their hearts desire.

How Sawyer Howitt Is Taking The Racquetball World By Storm

One of Sawyer Howitt’s greatest passions is playing racquetball. He is a senior at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon where he plays on the shool’s team. He also plays at the Racquetball Club of Portland. His success at the game has elevated him to playing in the Oregon State High School Racquetball Championship in 2016. While he eventually lost to another player, Eric Poppleton, he has shown enough promise and development of his game that it’s likely he’ll win the state championship in 2017.

Sawyer Howitt’s preferred mode of play is singles matches. However, he is developing his partners game in order to take a shot at winning multiple medals in the next state championship. He has dedicated himself to the game and plans on achieving an even higher level of play when he attends Columbia University in the fall.

In addition to playing racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is a Project Manager at his father’s company, Meriwether Group. He has his eyes set on earning a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance so that he can be an entrepreneur for a living. In addition to racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is also passionate about the Portland Trail Blazers and attends their games as often as he can.

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