End Citizens United Supports Campaign Reform

End Citizens United has recently been discussed among political media outlets because of the effect the organization is having upon the American electorate. End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee developed to raise funds which will help to elect politicians who support campaign reform. During an interview with USA Today, the company’s president and executive director, Tiffany Muller, stated that the political organization was developed as an answer to corporation led political campaigns. Muller and her team at End Citizens United believe that the campaign system in the United States has always been set up to favor the wealthiest Americans and to discount the voices of poor and middle class workers. The goal of the End Citizens United Organization is to elect Democrats who will reform the campaign process in the United States so that it will finally take the voices of poorer Americans into account. End Citizens United has already raked in a record $4 million in 2017 and is on track to have raised $35 million by the time the 2018 United States congressional elections are held. End Citizens United leaders have expressed their enthusiasm that Americans are donating to the organization and are willing to fight against the powerful forces of corporate America.


The End Citizens United organization’s name refers to a Supreme Court case which was argued shortly after the 2008 presidential elections. In Citizens United v. FEC, the Supreme Court ruled that the limitation of funding by private and public entities is unconstitutional because it violates their rights to free speech. The case did not change previously standing federal regulations against direct contributions to campaigns by corporations and other businesses. In any case, End Citizens United is now placed in the difficult position to attempt to take away the rights of corporation to use their funds to their discretion in political campaigns without violating free speech laws.


Representatives from End Citizens United have made their stance clear regarding the decision of the Supreme Court following the 2008 election. This organization believes that the Supreme Court made an unfair decision and that free speech should not protect corporations in the same manner that it protects individual people. Several critics of End Citizens United suggest that the organization does not fight billionaires like George Soros, who is known for his million dollar gifts to liberal campaigns, agendas, and politicians. End Citizens United representatives have stated that the company is dedicate to the destruction of the current campaign standard in America. Although the organization helps to elect democrats who support campaign reform, they are aware that there are conservative and independent political nominees who also wish to reform the current status of American campaign efforts.