Billy McFarland Turns Black into Gold By Way of His Magnises Card

There is a new entrepreneur on the money block. Billy McFarland has provided his Millennial generation with a terrific way to network with businesses inside of the New York area. Billy’s Magnises black card is a “must have” with regard to Millennial professionals, setting pace, inside of New York City.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland says that his demographic is comprised of individuals who represent the age group between twenty years old and thirty-five years of age.

This stylish set is comprised of persons from the technological sectors, fashion industry and finance houses. The Magnises card allows these business enthusiasts to co-mingle and to successfully interact with the business community and their counterparts.

The Magnises card provides the user with a pay option, in that it allows the user to tie his or her bank or credit card to it. The pay option, though, according to Billy McFarland is just a portion of what the card offers the user. The user is able to enjoy discounts at his or her favorite restaurants: eateries that are partnered, that is, to the Magnises card. One card holder stated that he uses the card to gain ease of entry into clubs, wherein, entry is difficult.

The card, according to Billy McFarland, is generating much in the way of revenue, by means of its membership fees. Nearly 6,000 members, as of this writing, are carrying a black Magnises card which is quite an accomplishment, since the card is still, basically, in its infancy stage. However the preceding said, once the card was introduced into the marketplace, it easily gained prestige and popularity.

The user just shows the card at partnered establishments, and attains the best value as it pertains to his purchase. The Millennial professional makes certain he or she is carrying a black Magnises card. And, at an annual fee of only $250; the card pays for itself, in a very short time.