Lawyer Bruno Fagali Leads Integrity Campaigns In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer as well as a corporate integrity manager in Brazil. He is dedicated to ensuring that corruption is eliminated from the public and private sectors in Brazil. As a contract lawyer, he ensures that dubious contracts do not see the light of the day. As an integrity manager, he is a leading advocate of a corruption-free society. He continues to propagate the message of transparency and integrity all over Brazil. He uses his legal position as a lawyer to litigate corruption cases before the courts of law.

Bruno Fagali is the founder of Fagali Advocacy, a law firm stationed in Sao Paulo. He is also the Corporate Integrity Manager of an advertising agency called New/sb. It is one of the biggest advertising agency in Brazil. He has a role in developing an corporate integrity program for the corporate agency that will ensure that it is compliant with the law of the land.


With almost ten years in the legal practice, Bruno Fagali has enough knowledge that enables him to come up with legal solutions that address the dragon of corruption in the public and private sectors. He is conversant with measures that can be put up to address this issue in an effective way.

Bruno Fagali is highly experienced in matters administration law, urban law, regulatory law, ethics, and compliance. Since his appointment as the integrity manager of Nova/sb, he has started many initiatives that have brought integrity in the advertising agency. The agency is involved in numerous business contracts especially those sourced from various departments of the government. Due to the sad state of corruption in government departments, there has been a spirited fight to eliminate this menace. Nova/sb as a leading agency working with the government wants to lead the way in driving in the tradition of integrity in these contracts.

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Career Spotlight – Litigation With Karl Heideck

Even as litigation attorneys may become representatives to real estate firms, criminal clients or people seeing for individual injury claims, normally people are refer to civil issues in matters concerning litigation attorneys. It is the attorneys who prepare such cases for trial. Nevertheless, up to 90% of cases don’t go to trial and most cases are settled outside the court. With criminal procedures, respondents for the most part go for plea deal. In matters of civil cases, real estate cases or personal injury claims, plaintiffs usually accept the settlement.

Majority of civil litigation lawyers operate for law organizations that hire various attorneys. Some may do work in boutique companies or even have private tasks. Usually, bigger law firms have litigation departments which may include sub-departments for real estate, patents, business or other kinds of law. While the larger part of common litigation lawyers work in the private area, while some work for governmental organizations. Most government litigators work in criminal law as prosecutors and head prosecutors. Nevertheless, civil litigators operate for municipalities including different U.S. lawyers’ workplaces.

Various corporations are sufficiently extensive to hire their litigators. Vast banks and other money related foundations do likewise, and some insurance agencies utilize their own litigation lawyers. Organizations with a big staff of lawyers may have various operating at a case and at least one senior lawyers administering them.

Karl Heideck is a gifted and diligent attorney who specializes in risk management and compliance. He serves the larger part of Philadelphia zone and is a fruitful litigator due to wide experience in the sector.

Mr. Heideck is enlisted with the Hire Council and has been part of the same since the year 2015. The attorney offers services which include compliance consulting and management advising. Karl Heideck litigation expertise fields go past such and entail corporate law, commercial litigation, employment proceedings, and product liability.

Notwithstanding being a devoted litigator, counselor and advisor, Mr. Heideck is a great writer who is committed to his blog. The reason for his blog is to clarify legitimate news and changes to people in general and particularly to Pennsylvania inhabitants.

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Ricardo Tosto Provides Reliable Litigation Service

If you are dealing with a business related dispute, you need to retain the services of a competent lawyer. An experienced lawyer can provide a wide variety of legal services that will benefit your business and help you stay in compliance with the law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well known business lawyer and comes highly recommended in Brazil.

One of the industries that are in need of the services of lawyer is the intellectual property rights sector. In this area, a set of limited rights, referred to as patents, is granted by the government to a person for a predetermined period.

To facilitate the process of granting patents, it is very important to enlist the services of a patent lawyer. The patent lawyer will be the one responsible in guiding and advising the client in obtaining patents. The lawyer will also be responsible for dealing with any issue subject to patent law and preparation. Your lawyer can advise you on means to protect your company.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho makes the effort to get to know the companies he represents and their owners. Often he finds that providing excellent service results in an overall better experience and a great outcome. Ricardo Tosto discusses with his clients so that he can find out what their expectations are, and how to help them achieve their goal. When you choose Mr Ricardo Tosto, your legal issue will receive the attention it deserves.

One of the most fascinating things about Ricardo Tosto is that he is focused on every case he handles. He will take the time to speak with you and know you, and he will then develop a winning strategy for your case.

As an experienced litigation lawyer, Ricardo Tosto can help resolve your business and commercial litigation needs.