Todd Lubar on the Future of the Real Estate Industry and Smart Technology

Arguably the biggest technological advancement made in the last few decades has been the growth of digital technology; in particular, the internet. Its application has cut across various geographical areas and industries. One of the industries where the Internet is receiving significantly increased application is the real estate industry. In addition to the common practice of searching and sharing real estate information, digital technology is now being used to create smart home technology. In turn, this smart home technology is revolutionizing the real estate sector.

The term smart home technology broadly encompasses any technology that allows the homeowner to control home fixtures and appliances over a network. This network typically takes the form of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and should easily connect to devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets for the homeowner’s convenience. The increased competitiveness in the real estate industry coupled with the increased affordability of smart house technology has led many real estate experts to predict that smart houses are the future of real estate. This assertion is also helped by the findings of some studies that have linked smart house technology to improved physical and emotional health. Visit Inspirery to know more.

One of the real estate experts that have thrown his backing behind smart homes is Todd Lubar. Mr. Lubar is a two-decade real estate veteran and currently, serves as the president of TDL Global Ventures. He also concurrently holds the title of senior vice president to Legendary Investments.

Before entering the real estate industry, Todd Lubar worked in a number of different industries. As a result, he brought a fresh perspective and approach to real estate that only an outsider can.

According to GC Report, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric. Befitting, therefore, he briefly worked in the entertainment industry. His times in the construction and mortgage banking sectors are the ones that most equipped Mr. Todd Lubar to be an effective real estate entrepreneur. As a consequence of working in these two sectors, he has attained a level of industry understanding and business acumen that many lack.

Madison Street Capital: A Scion of Excellence in Financial Advisory

For companies and individuals seeking to invest, one of the challenges they face is identifying the right financial partner that will ensure that finances being invested generate the desired returns. The stakes involved in investing are high but for companies such as ARES Security Corporation, it is a notch higher as failed investments can lead to bankruptcies and its associated consequences. The process of financial partner identification is usually tasking. This is where financial and investment advisory companies such as Madison Street Capital come in handy.


In its trademark diligent service delivery, Madison Street Capital; a Chicago-based international investment bank, provided financial advisory services to the Vienna, Virginia-based ARES Security Corporation. Madison Street Capital was tasked with finding a suitable financial partner for its client. Through collaboration with the management of ARES, Madison carried out due diligence operations while also valuing the prospective candidates. Madison also oversaw a capital raising structure that saw ARES adopt a new capital structure following partnership with Corbel Structured Equity Partners, the successful candidate. Madison’s efforts saw ARES form a financial partnership with Corbel thereby allowing ARES to successfully recapitalize its minority shares and equities.


Madison Street Capital: Profile


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is an award-winning global investment banker offering investment and financial advisory services. The company offers advice on strategic planning, restructuring, reorganization, selling out, corporate tax planning, mergers and acquisitions for its broad range of clients. Founded 12 years ago, Madison has grown in stature within the industry, winning and successfully winning some of the best reorganization and restructuring deals in the industry. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations to two additional continents other than North America: the company has offices in Asia and Africa.


The company offers tailor-made services that are developed by collaborating with the clients throughout the process. The company targets a diversified client base while also specializing in niche markets. The company’s clients are drawn from a wide range of industries. The company has benchmarked their client’s yearly gross earnings range at 1 to 50 million dollars with gross revenue range of 10 to 500 million dollars. However, it also offers free services to charitable organizations such as United Ways.




The highly qualified professionals at Madison Street Capital working under the leadership of experienced leaders. The company is headed by Charles Botchway, its chief executive officer and Anthony Marsala, its chief operating officer. The company has three senior managing directors: Reginald McGaugh, Jay Rodgers and Karl D’Cunha. It also has two managing directors: Jaydip Sinha and Lester Rodgers. Madison Street Capital reputation has been improving over the years.


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