Talk Fusion Expands to New Digital Platforms

Talk Fusion is a small tech company, at least in comparison to much of the larger world of technology, that has spent its time focusing on the value of video marketing and direct communication. Talk Fusion is the brainchild of CEO Bob Reina and Reina is the primary reason that the company has continued on its ever-forward march toward success. Reina is a charismatic leader who seems to fundamentally understand why the power of video content is so important. Reina has a habit of always pushing his innovations to the next level and that is what we are here to talk about today.



Bob Reina and Talk Fusion announced two brand new websites to their marketing lineup: as well as The goal of these two platforms is to create the opportunity for prospective Talk Fusion customers and clients the chance to learn about the company and join up for an Opportunity Presentation with just a few clicks of the mouse. By visiting JoinTalkFusion, visitors will be guided through a few videos and a presentation as to how Talk Fusion can be of service for their marketing needs. They are then directed to visit TalkFusionInstantPay in order to register for a live Opportunity Presentation that is hosted by a high ranking member of Talk Fusion. These presentations are held at specific hours every single day and there are both English and Spanish classes available as well as classes in a variety of other languages, as provided by the scheduler on the website.


Bob Reina opened up about his decision to launch these two new websites by saying, “This business is all about duplication.” Reina goes on to say, “Everyone is given the same opportunity to succeed here, no matter where they live, what language they speak, or how much they know about technology or networking.”


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are wrapping up a successful 2017 that saw several major pieces of their marketing suite receive industry acclaim. Most recently, Talk Fusion’s decision to work with WebRTC technology on their Video Chat app helped to engineer some major advancements in video marketing. Learn more:

Freedom Debt Relief has Helped People to Get Out of Paying Endless Financial Debts

Freedom Debt Relief is a company that working in helping people to resolve their debts for less than what they owe and again very quickly so that the burden of debt will not continue bothering you. Freedom Debt Relief company has debt consultants that take clients through the strategies they apply in determining how to make them debt free. Their consultants work together with the clients so as to design a saving program that will enable them to make significant savings which can resolve the debt in a very short time than one would expect. After designing the plan and making an agreement, the clients are given a monthly plan of repaying the money.

Many clients have acknowledged the help they have received from Freedom Debt Relief and this is evident in the many positive Freedom Debt Relief reviews. There are many freedom debt reviews that show how different customers have benefited from the company’s program. From these freedom debt reviews, many people can get enlightened on how they can get themselves out of debts.

Garry is an independent contractor who found himself in debts, the money coming in his business was less than the money going out. He therefore chose to seek for help. He called Freedom Debt Relief. They understood and comforted him that he was not the only one. They worked together to develop a program for him. They negotiated and helped him settled all his credit card bills.

Julie M’s husband was laid off. They had no money. She started using credit card to pay her bills. Her personal business could not generate enough cash to support the family. She chose to talk to Freedom debt relief. Her first contact was so kind and caring. They gave her a sense of relief. They assured her a financial well being. She found the company great.

According to Keyvon P’s freedom debt review, Keyvon had credit cards and offers that made him pay minimum ends than never end. You pay for life. His debts accumulated and started having endless phone calls being reminded about his debts. He started looking for solution. He went online and filled Freedom Debt’s form. They called him back. The next thing they negotiated about his credit. They then paid it off. He is no longer worried about his bills. No more sleepless nights. The greatest feeling. He recommends people to take it.

Lori Senecal’s innovative genius in today’s competitive digital marketing arena

The world today has become a very competitive place and companies aiming to survive this kind of competition have had to evolve and more innovative in order to sustain themselves. Digital marketing plays a very important role in helping these companies to reach out to their clients from across the world so as to remain profitable and relevant. To them, digital marketing offers a vast opportunity to reach out to the billions of potential customers who spend their time online. As a result of other companies using the same platform of digital marketing to reach out to clients, the media used in digital marketing has had to evolve very fast as each company tries to outdo the other. In regards to this, boundaries have been pushed with the aim of providing such customers with the best experience yet. For more details visit Adweek.

In line with this evolution of digital marketing strategies things such as customized adverts, visually captivating videos, and GPS market targeting products have been developed. These are all creative innovations that help grab the attention of potential customers to such companies. The adaptation on various traditional modes of advertising as the use of promotional models, funny and unusual signage has contributed immensely to this innovative spirit in digital marketing.

Outdoor type of advertising usually known as guerilla-advertising has been the lead contributor to such innovation being witnessed in the digital arena. Various tactics previously used to also catch clients’ attention through staged events have had great success when used in digital advertising platforms. Check out Fast Company for more info.

Lori Senecal has been on the forefront in advocating for such innovative spirit in digital marketing and has been very pivotal in its evolution to what it is today. In her quest to attain all this she has immensely taken advantage of social media platforms, new technologies, coders and advertising professionals to attain the utmost effects of digital marketing as the Global CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky(CP+B). You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

She was appointed to this position in the year 2015 and since then, through her vast knowledge and skills in digital marketing enabled the company to experience tremendous success. Lori Senecal had previously worked as the Chief Executive of KBS a company related to CP+B.

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Todd Lubar: An Entrepreneur With Thoughtfulness For The Residents Of Baltimore

Last April, sales that arbitrated by financial institutions, such as the one which is primarily foreclosures, dropped to an expected 7% within the region of Baltimore metro as compared to previous year. These houses also went for elevated prices. Following the crisis of real estate, Maryland changed many regulations. Such modifications made Maryland’s rule for real estate business consumer friendly. And because of such change, foreclosures happened at relatively slower pace in this than they did in every other.

Since Maryland experienced progress in the sector of the distressed housing market, the sales price of a median home in whole Baltimore and few of its neighboring areas, rise by almost 6% between mid of 2015 till mid of 2016 and that was the highest since few years.

In 1995 Todd Lubar began his career in real estate after earning BS speech communication from University of Syracuse. Between his interest in each and every aspect of this industry and his aspiration to assist others, Lubar knew that he could not become an expert in any other field but real estate. And for that, he took the first step by joining Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator.

According to, his dream was to be a real entrepreneur who at least knows details about all the process that would be involved in real estate business. For that Lubar formed relationships with financial planners, CPAs, real estate and insurance agents. Nowadays, such individuals are a part of an incredible referral base that belongs to Todd Lubar.

In 1999, Todd took step by accepting a position with LFG that helped him to improve his knowledge about real estate business in Baltimore. With such skill set, Todd would offer loans for a broker to the investors who came in Baltimore real estate market for business purpose. A few years later, he started his Legendary Properties, and it focuses primarily on purchasing, selling, rehabilitating and earning a profit.

When Lubar took inaugurated his firm, he formed relationships with other real estate professionals and that professional correlation made it easy for him to provide quality services to his clients and also promptly so that people can trust him with their real estate deals. After spending more than a decade in this industry, Lubar discovered that there is a group of clients who can’t afford to have a house and for those, he established Legendary Financial, LLC; it’s an affiliate of his primary firm, Legendary Properties, more info can be found on LinkedIn.

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A Look At The Expansion Of OSI Group

OSI Group, LLC is a privately held food processing company that is based in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and has steadily grown into an international company with facilities and offices throughout the world. In recent years it has made some big acquisitions that have expanded the reach and scope of the company even further.

In 2016 OSI Group saw an opportunity to expand its production capacity in the backyard of its headquarters when Tyson Foods announced they would be shutting down their facility in Chicago and laying off about 250 people. OSI Group closed a deal to purchase the facility in June for $7.4 million. Most of the people that were facing unemployment were able to retain their jobs after OSI Group took over.

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In August 2016 OSI Group purchased Dutch food processing company Baho Food. As part of this deal, they also bought Baho Food’s 5 subsidiaries which have processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. This purchase increased not only OSI Group’s processing abilities but also increased the types of processed foods that they make.

Another recent acquisition was announced in December 2016 when OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group. Flagship Europe is located in the United Kingdom and supplies processed foods to restaurants and private labels across the UK.

Deals like these have made OSI Group into one of the largest private companies in the world. In 2011 the company was listed by Forbes as the #136 largest private companies in the U.S.

Squaw Valley Has Issued An Official Statement On The Quality Of Its Water

Squaw Valley Ski Resort has issued a statement on the water quality in Upper Mountain. The extended statement was drafted in response to the news made earlier this week concerning the quality of water in the region. According to the new reports, E. coli and coliform bacteria had been detected in the drinking water at the resort’s upper mountain.
The first concern about water quality in the area was reported on November 8. The information was reported to the Place County Department of Environmental health. Analysis of the water confirmed the potential health issue.
This confirmation prompted Squaw Valley to sprint into action. Experts were invited to treat the water. Later, the water started showing signs of improving. According to the most recent data, the levels of E. coli in three out of the four wells serving the upper mountain are showing low levels of coliform. E. Coli bacteria present in the wells have been destroyed. The director of Placer County Environmental Health, Wesley Nicks, confirmed this information. He acknowledged the same while speaking to the Sierra Sun on Tuesday.
Due to the water quality problems, restaurants at Upper Mountain were closed. The hotels will remain closed until the water sources have been declared free of any potential health hazard. Despite the closure of restaurants, skiers have been allowed to continue enjoying the resources provided by the Olympic Valley. However, these skiers are not allowed to drink water from the area until the problem is solved. Currently, no health issues have been reported in the area, and resort owners hope that it will remain that way.
The statement issued by Squaw Valley, one of the largest ski resorts in the region, pointed out the causes of the problem as well as how the authorities were going to handle it. The statement was issued on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 8 pm.
According to the statement, in October, Placer County experienced heavy rainstorms, which caused the problem. The heavy rains resulted in an unusual amount of surface runoff water in the region. Several water systems were flooded. This flooding resulted in the contamination of the water sources with E. coli and coliform bacteria. At Squaw Valley, the affected water systems were at High Camp and Gold Coast. The resort confirmed that at no point did the public have access to the water contained in the affected wells.
Since Squaw Valley routinely conducts tests on its water sources, especially after heavy rains, it was easy to detect the potential health issues. The resort began immediate consultation with experts on the way forward. From the advice of these experts, the resort has been able to follow the right steps to clean its water. Although the levels of bacteria have reduced, the business is continuing with the treatment. Squaw Valley has assured its customers that it will not be using water from the affected wells until the health officials and other experts have certified the water to be fit for human consumption. The company values the safety of its customers. This way, it is taking this issue seriously.
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Securus Provides Crime Prevention Services

Ever since the company was founded over ten years ago, Securus Technologies has been a leader when it comes to providing communications and security services and products to the law enforcement industry. Today, the Dallas-based company, provides its products and services to thousands of locations, which serve over one million inmates today. View the company profile on

The company is best known for its video visitation platform, which can be used by an inmate to connect instantly with their friends, family members, or attorneys. While this has provided a significant amount of convenience to the inmates, visitors, and the facilities, it has proven to have an additional benefit as well.

Many of the customers of the video visitation service product and other services provided by Securus have reported that they are able to use the systems to prevent and solve crimes. Securus offers a monitoring service to all of their customers, which includes a recording of all phone calls and video calls that take place. The company will then be able to review the calls and filter them for key words and phrases.

Whenever a concern pops up during the phone call, Securus will be able to forward the log of the call to the local law enforcement agency. Law enforcement agencies have reported that they have been able to use the information to prevent and solve crimes from occurring inside and outside of the prisons.


Andy Wirth Earns Chairman Position For Reno-Tahoe Airport

Andy Wirth is the CEO of one of the top ski resorts in the Nevada-California mountains of Lake Tahoe. For the past 25 years, Andy has been the one that people go to for advice and leadership dealing with ski resorts. He works for Squaw Valley Holdings and is now the new Chairman for the Reno-Tahoe airport authority. Andy has made an appearance on Undercover Boss and he was instrumental in helping with the merger between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

Andy was born in West Germany. He went to college in Colorado and Scottland. Andy Wirth did his internships working with the San Pedro Parks and the Rocky National Parks. As a wilderness ranger, he learned the important facts about surviving the elements of Mother Nature. Recently, Andy almost lost life and limb during a skydiving expedition. His fall was stopped by a post that appeared his muscles and cost him the difficult decision to keep his arm or not. Andy was able to keep his arm but he did lose his lati ss mus muscle and biceps. Andy has always loved to do sporting events and dangerous activities with his wife. They both live in Truckee California. Both are very successful in their jobs.

A dream of Andy’s was to be able to help out some charities. He got his dream when he began collecting money for operation wounded warrior. He also tries to raise money for the Navy Seal foundation and Navy Seal Fund. His recent appointment to Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe airport authority will help people tremendously. He is very good at running a tourist business. He knows how to encourage visits from people outside of the California area. He knows what it takes to keep people coming even if the mountain does not receive snow. A great marketing campaign is sure to be in the works for Andy. The airport is lucky to have such an upstanding individual that knows how to recharge the people and bring others to visit the area. Check out this article on

Eric Pullier: A Dynamic Entrepreneur Impacting The World

Eric Pulier is indeed an influential entrepreneur that has used his knowledge and skill for the benefit of society. He is a dynamic businessman to say the least, and one who is passionate and recognizes the need to make a positive impact on the world. Not only is Eric Pulier an entrepreneur, he is a technologists, author, and philanthropist located in Los Angeles California. Pulier graduated from Harvard University Magna Cum Laude in 1988. Since college, he certainly created a credible name for himself by involving himself in various projects and business ventures.

Pulier is very much an accomplished author, publishing two books geared towards technology and business. His two books are Understanding Enterprise SOA and The Enterprise Industrial Complex. Additionally, he has founded over 15 companies such as, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, Service Mesh, and more. Pulier also has his hands in a few investments such as venture capital funds and charitable organizations. Some of these include Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Ventures. Not forgetting to mention, Eric Pulier has dedicated his time to governmental work. In fact, Pulier was chosen to build and run the, “Bridge to the 21 Century” for Bill Clinton and Al Gore to commemorate their 2nd inauguration.

One of the things that makes Pulier so unique is that he is dedicated to helping others. Pulier is very involved in his philanthropy work, where he uses technology to solve intractable problems in communities that are disadvantaged economically and physically impaired children in the United States and around the world.

Eric Pulier is undeniably one of the most profound entrepreneurs. He has established a credible name for himself through his continuous contributions and has served as a positive influence for entrepreneurs. Eric Pulier is a leader of business, helping to shape the world.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier

Raj Fernando: Technical Innovation, Cyber Security And International Financial Markets Expert

Raj Fernando became very interest and involved in trading while at Beloit College working towards an economics and history bachelor’s degree and studying at the University College London. He was a Chicago Mercantile Exchange volunteer. Once he graduated, he began a professional journey that took him from the exchange’s lowest position to its highest. He has held a wide range of trading positions in his years with the Chicago Board of Trade. Finally in 2002 Raj Fernando founded Chopper Trading.

Fernando stopped working as a full time trader in 2004 and devoted his time to transforming Chopper Trading into a technological powerhouse. He created, implemented and managed several very sophisticated risk management trading, monitoring, communications and source code systems used in the financial services industry.

Fernando spent over a decade growing Chopper Trading into one of the major global exchanges’ largest market participants. The company traded on the CME, Eurex, ICE, LSE, Nasdaq and others. Chopper Trading had some of the world’s brightest engineers and traders among its 250 workers worldwide. Fernando sold Chopper Trading to global financial industry leader DRW in 2015. In 2016 he founded the internet start-up The company increases professional and corporate growth by delivering trusted information to individuals and companies.

An expert in technological innovation and international financial markets, Raj Fernando is now CEO of Fernando is also actively involved in a number pf foreign policy organizations. They include the boards of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the American Security Project. He also serves on the Brookings Institute Foreign Policy Leadership Committee. His cyber security expertise makes him an important national security asset.

Today, Raj Fernando has twenty-five years experience and a great deal of expertise in dealing with international financial markets. Plus he has been leading cyber security initiatives for more than ten years. He now uses experience to provide his company as well as the organizations and boards with which he works with exceptional insights and counsel. That includes his work with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Board of Trustees and the board of the no-kill animal shelter PAWS Chicago.