John Holt Gives A Talk at the Texas Bankers Association Annual Conference

At the Texas Banker’s Association 5th annual strategic conference, the President and CEO of Nexbank John Holt, gave a talk on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation“. The annual conference is usually held to provide a platform for bank leaders, investors, financial advisors and consultant to shares their ideas and give their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that face community bank leaders.
John Holt, was among the panelists and said that reinventing community banking was the best solution to these challenges. He insisted that community bank leaders should encourage their direct community to come up with innovative ways of enhancing community banking.
Nexbank was formerly known as Heritage Banks. Its services are mainly offered in Texas. Nexbank Capital Inc. is a financial company that provides customized financial services to its clients to suit their needs. Its main financial services are divided into three:
1. Commercial banking which involves rendering services to both the general public and to companies.
2. Mortgage banking which involves providing loan funds to its customers for the purchase of premises. It provides mortgages to both the public for the purchase of houses and businesses for the purchase of warehouses.
3. Nexbank also offers institutional services to corporate businesses. Such services include: mergers, acquisitions, corporate debt funding etc.