Bridget Scarr Influencing People through Content

Bridget Scarr is a well-known creative producer and an incredible writer from the United Kingdom. Moreover, she is a creative director who is always careful about producing content that will compel clients throughout all platforms. She targets many audiences both emotionally and intellectually in the content she portrays. Bridget creates augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive exhibition, and digital and television content for production.


Scarr has been for over 15 years in the animation, advertising, and animation industries. Bridgett Scarr also serves as a seasoned Executive producer. She has worked for many productions where she has managed to expand the technical and creative production output staff from about 5 to 20 members. Bridget works to improve creative development in any industry she works for such as entertainment, drama, animation and filming factual.


All her ideas are inspired depending on the project at hand. She gets her ideas depending on the work at hand. If she is producing an augmented reality project which deals with the history of past people, she gets motivation from the need of current people to learn about the past life. She also considers checking the diverse backgrounds and cultures of people to create the augmented reality project.


With her content production knowledge, Bridget currently works at Colibri studios. In the content development studio, she is in charge of content developing, strategy making and signing partnerships. Scarr serves as the Executive Producer at the studio where she works to oversee daily development, collaborate with international broadcasters and to create innovative ideas. She believes her ideas are brought to reality at Colibri studios.


Moreover, Bridget thinks meditation should be a daily routine to help create new ideas to become a successful entrepreneur. Bridget advises startups to believe in themselves and in God-given gifts and also to have courage. Bridget finds content has all the power to alter the thinking of the world and therefore, a creator should create active content.


Bridget collaborated with Graeme Carr in 2008 and founded Pollen, their first animation, visual effects, and post-production company. Pollen has rocked the technology, entertainment, and media group industry. Bridget serves as the managing director of Hummingbird Group. Hummingbird is a holding company of Hey! Fever, Apiary, and Hive content companies where Bridget ensures she creates compelling content for the readers. Content has changed the mindsets of many people with its convincing power. Bridget is focused on developing content that will change the world to a better place.


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