Securus Technologies: The Company Working To Stay At The Top Of The Communications Industry

Securus Technologies is an organization that works to provide communications services in prisons across the country. The company offers a broad range of services to prisons in America as well as in Canada. Over the past few years, Securus Technologies has been doing extremely well and has gone on to become one of the top communications providers in the entire country. One of the things that set Securus Technologies apart from the rest of the competition is their ability to pay attention to their customer’s needs. Many times, communications providers only care about earning profits and not really what the people are giving them those benefits need. Often, people receive services that do not stay true to the company’s policies. Securus Technologies tries its best to stay far away from this and become a business that adheres to these policies.


Securus Technologies has become the company that it is today owing to the incredible changes that it has witnessed in the past few years. In 2008, Securus Technologies underwent a managerial shift when it merged with T-Netix. The company was one of the top of its kind in the sector, and so Securus Technologies thought that it would be best if the two companies merged to form one big corporate giant and take over the area. The company did extremely well after the merge and saw huge profits coming its way. It was one of the best routes that Securus Technologies could have taken, and assured them of a bright future ahead of them. Rick Smith was the person leading the charge at Securus Technologies. He is a strong leader who knew all that needed to be done to establish one’s self in the industry, which is why he was fit for a reliable company like Securus Technologies. Today, Securus Technologies is still at the top of the industry and is worth millions.



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