Waiakea Healthy, Sustainable Water

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 on the snow-capped peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii as the first Volcanic Water in Hawaii. Its mission statement is Drink healthy, Drink Sustainably, and Drink Ethically. Waiakea’s mission is to provide delicious and healthy volcanic water with little impact as possible, while sustainably providing clean water access to people in the Big Island of Hawaii and the rest of the world.

Volcanic water offers drinkers a refreshing taste with a few ingredients added to the bottle. A leading volcanic bottled water company offers consumers benefits derived from volcanic rocks and natural springs through a filtering process. Waiakea Water Company is reviewed to be a leading bottling company that provides volcanic water.

Hawaiians take much pride in their unique bond with nature. The call themselves children of the land, the country’s culture is to care and respect the land. Hawaiians have embraced this special bond with nature, that provides them with their tools, canoes, musical instruments, food, clothing and housing, and they, in turn, conserve and protect the natural resources.

Completely isolated from all the parts of the world, Waiakea bottled water offers nature in its purest form. The water is rich in electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium; other minerals include magnesium chloride and calcium chloride that improves one’s performance and hydrated. The water is filtered through thousands of porous lava rocks before re-emerging at its source located at the base of Mauna Loa Volcano in an enclosed area surrounded by bio-diverse and rich forest preserves. The incredible environment gives Waiakea the award winning taste in the water that has been embraced by locals and tourists.

Those that harvest the crispest and most delicious water on the planet are also answering the call of Hawaiian ancestors who abide by ‘respect and care for the land.’ Waiakea bottled water is a healthy volcanic water that is sweet and natural in many ways. It is a volcanic water for everyone from on-the-go parents to professional athletes. Those who want the best Hawaiian volcanic water on the market today will choose Waiakea.

Career Spotlight – Litigation With Karl Heideck

Even as litigation attorneys may become representatives to real estate firms, criminal clients or people seeing for individual injury claims, normally people are refer to civil issues in matters concerning litigation attorneys. It is the attorneys who prepare such cases for trial. Nevertheless, up to 90% of cases don’t go to trial and most cases are settled outside the court. With criminal procedures, respondents for the most part go for plea deal. In matters of civil cases, real estate cases or personal injury claims, plaintiffs usually accept the settlement.

Majority of civil litigation lawyers operate for law organizations that hire various attorneys. Some may do work in boutique companies or even have private tasks. Usually, bigger law firms have litigation departments which may include sub-departments for real estate, patents, business or other kinds of law. While the larger part of common litigation lawyers work in the private area, while some work for governmental organizations. Most government litigators work in criminal law as prosecutors and head prosecutors. Nevertheless, civil litigators operate for municipalities including different U.S. lawyers’ workplaces.

Various corporations are sufficiently extensive to hire their litigators. Vast banks and other money related foundations do likewise, and some insurance agencies utilize their own litigation lawyers. Organizations with a big staff of lawyers may have various operating at a case and at least one senior lawyers administering them.

Karl Heideck is a gifted and diligent attorney who specializes in risk management and compliance. He serves the larger part of Philadelphia zone and is a fruitful litigator due to wide experience in the sector.

Mr. Heideck is enlisted with the Hire Council and has been part of the same since the year 2015. The attorney offers services which include compliance consulting and management advising. Karl Heideck litigation expertise fields go past such and entail corporate law, commercial litigation, employment proceedings, and product liability.

Notwithstanding being a devoted litigator, counselor and advisor, Mr. Heideck is a great writer who is committed to his blog. The reason for his blog is to clarify legitimate news and changes to people in general and particularly to Pennsylvania inhabitants.

Learn more about Karl Heideck: https://www.lawdeeda.com/profile/pennsylvania/philadelphia/19102/karl-heideck

Meet the peoples’ doctor Dr. Imran Haque

Meet the peoples’ doctor Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran Haque is a medical doctor who provides health services to the resident of Ramseur, Asheboro and the surrounding areas. For than fifteen years he has been seeing patients in his offices he is an internist who is highly respected. He provides services such as laser hair removal, diabetes management, physical exams and weight management among others.

Dr. I mran Haque is an alumnus of University of Virginia Internal Medicine where he trained under Salem Program. Today his license allows him to practice as a doctor in North Carolina and he plays a role in the maintenance of Internal Medicine Certification Program.

As an internist with highly specialized skills and knowledge, Dr. Imran Haque provides different services. Apart from carrying routine physicals, Dr. Imran Haque offers:

Help in weight management

In medical profession weight management involves some treatments that help patients both in losing weight and keep off from gaining weight.

Hair removal through laser technology

It’s the technology where lasers are used to remove hair that grows in undesirable areas. The area treated a laser is shined on the hair follicles, and the heat makes them go into a resting phase.

Options for Diabetes treatment

When the body fails to process glucose properly, blood sugar tends to spike low or high, and this is the condition known as diabetes.

Venus body contouring

It’s a non-invasive kind of treatment that helps in improving the body shape. It is used to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and reduce cellulite.

360 resurfacing

It is the use of a laser to rejuvenate the skin. It helps in tightening the skin and enhancing the skin tone, color, and texture. Different types of lasers are used to improve the skin.

Dr. Imran Haque expertise with various services makes him attract patients who come for general care and those who require specific treatments. His knowledge as a physician enables him to diagnose various ailments when he is serving as a general doctor and where necessary he gives referrals to the best specialist.

In his office, he can provide services and treatments to his patients as he also offers ultrasound and laboratory service. He works with a lot of dedication and commitment to ensure that the needs of his patients are adequately addressed.



Todd Lubar on the Future of the Real Estate Industry and Smart Technology

Arguably the biggest technological advancement made in the last few decades has been the growth of digital technology; in particular, the internet. Its application has cut across various geographical areas and industries. One of the industries where the Internet is receiving significantly increased application is the real estate industry. In addition to the common practice of searching and sharing real estate information, digital technology is now being used to create smart home technology. In turn, this smart home technology is revolutionizing the real estate sector.

The term smart home technology broadly encompasses any technology that allows the homeowner to control home fixtures and appliances over a network. This network typically takes the form of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and should easily connect to devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets for the homeowner’s convenience. The increased competitiveness in the real estate industry coupled with the increased affordability of smart house technology has led many real estate experts to predict that smart houses are the future of real estate. This assertion is also helped by the findings of some studies that have linked smart house technology to improved physical and emotional health. Visit Inspirery to know more.

One of the real estate experts that have thrown his backing behind smart homes is Todd Lubar. Mr. Lubar is a two-decade real estate veteran and currently, serves as the president of TDL Global Ventures. He also concurrently holds the title of senior vice president to Legendary Investments.

Before entering the real estate industry, Todd Lubar worked in a number of different industries. As a result, he brought a fresh perspective and approach to real estate that only an outsider can.

According to GC Report, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric. Befitting, therefore, he briefly worked in the entertainment industry. His times in the construction and mortgage banking sectors are the ones that most equipped Mr. Todd Lubar to be an effective real estate entrepreneur. As a consequence of working in these two sectors, he has attained a level of industry understanding and business acumen that many lack.