The Entrepreneurial Mindset of Bernardo Chua

There is a saying that encourages people that they can succeed in life no matter where they come from. While this may be exaggerated at times, it’s true for Bernardo Chua who has endured a lot to be the person he is today. Bernardo is a Philippines native, and he has devoted his life to multi-level marketing and seems to be doing quite well. During his early years in Business, he was involved with a company called Gano Excel that was located in the Philippines. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

He used to work as an executive for this company. He had a magic hand during his days with the company as he managed to expand it in different continents. Within three years, the company had expanded its operation to Canada, the United States of America as well as Hong Kong. This is a feat that had not been achieved before, and he received a lot of credit for the good work.

By the time he moved to the United States of America, he had been promoted to the president of Gano USA and operated from Los Angeles, California. These health products that Bernardo specialized in included products with a substance known as Ganoderma. These products were sold as food products, instant coffee and even in the form of capsules. Several years later after his involvement with Gano Excel, Bernardo established a firm of his own in the year 2008.

He named this company as ORGANO GOLD and still specialized in health products. With this newly founded firm, he aimed at selling products that had flavors such as lingzhi mushroom and Ganoderma Lucidum. However, in the year 2015, he decided to change the name of his old business to ORGANO.

PR Newswire said that Bernardo Chua has been on this earth since 6th September 1974. Bernardo is a social man who can speak several languages fluently. Bernardo Chua can speak fluent Filipino and English. He maintains social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that are only used for professional purposes. As an honest businessperson, he has managed to receive several awards over the years. Among his greatest skills are networking, marketing, and management.

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