Lifeline Screening May Be A Person’s Last Opportunity To Stay Alive

The logic of screening for potential health problems makes sense, but if that is true, why doesn’t everyone do it. There are probably some good reasons that people will use such as time, opportunity, and the fact that it is not a priority.

However, if people were aware of the danger that they are in by not having a screening done, there would be any more people who would be taking advantage of this service. Lifeline Screening is a company that offers people the opportunity to have such a screening at a modest cost.

Given the fact that there are very hazardous conditions that have little to no symptoms at all should alert most of us to sit up and take notice. However, most of us live in a world where it is easier to procrastinate rather than to take action.

Take the condition of Coronary Artery Disease where the plaque is plugging up the arteries that flow right into the heart itself. When these arteries get plugged, it is time for coronary bypass surgery, or you will not be long for this world. And yet, the symptoms are largely non-existent.

Armed with ultrasound, finger-stick blood screening, and a limited electrocardiograph provides enough information to give indications of problems where without screenings would never have any inkling of any medical problems. Many people do not see a doctor until a condition, or a disease has taken hold, and the symptoms are severe. Screenings can help individuals know that there is something going on before it gets too serious.

All of the results that are derived from the Lifeline screenings are made available to the person’s personal physician so that they can be evaluated so a recommended treatment can be initiated. The value of treating a condition early on is such that lives are saved where they would not be otherwise.

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