Lung Institute’s Stem Cell Treatment Ignites Hope for Lung Disease Patients

The Lung Institute, a renowned health provider of regenerative cellular therapy, assists patients with chronic diseases through the stem cell treatment. To begin, stem cells refer to the building blocks of life. They are fundamental to all organisms since they have the ability regenerate. Therefore, the institution utilizes stem cells to treat pulmonary illnesses.

The stem cell treatment involves three steps. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, they include taking the patient’s bone marrow sample or a small blood sample to harvest stem cells. Secondly, the separation of the stem cells from other blood cells. Lastly, the concentrated stem cells are introduced into the patient’s body through an IV. This process promotes the healing process.

Naturally, the stem cells go to the lungs where they fall into the “pulmonary trap.” Here, the stem cells begin to regenerate lung tissues that have been damaged. Further, when the body receives the stem cells or blood, the content automatically goes to the right side of the heart. Furthermore, in a heartbeat, the heart distributes the stem cells or blood to the lungs.

A Testimony of Stem Cell Treatment

The stem cell treatment has been helpful to many patients all over the world. Most of them have given encouraging feedback because of their health improvement. For instance, Herbert K. has a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, which is a progressive lung disease.

Herbert previously enjoyed doing simple tasks like yard work and chores. However, those simple tasks became difficult to tackle when he started experiencing a 15 percent lung capacity and shortness of breath. Barbara who is Herbert’s beloved wife pitied her husband and decided that he should try stem cell treatment. Herbert undertook the treatment for two months. When he carried out a pulmonary function test, he found out that there was an increase in his lung capacity. Read more testimonials on

About Lung Institute

Lung Institute is a health provider of regenerative cellular therapy in the United States. The institution is committed to using stem cells to assist patients who have chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease, and emphysema.

Lung Institute has treated more than 2000 patients. Further, 82 percent of the patients have improved their quality of life. The institution was established in 2013 at Tampa, Fla. Moreover, it has opened clinics in Dallas, Texas; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Nashville, Tenn.

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