George Street Photo and Video in San Francisco

When three young photographers met in a small basement in a small town in Indiana, their objective was to share their talents and experience all over the United States. Their dream, when they met in that basement on the street named George Street, was to expand a company all across the land with other photographers and videographers who would share similar goals.

Today there are talented photographers and videographers in most major cities such as those in San Francisco. For example, for a wedding, the George Street professional in that location can plan, perform, and organize a fantastic shoot that will encompass everything from the rehearsal dinner to the after the wedding reception.

Some of the favorite locations include Golden Gate Park, a favorite of many couples for their wedding. With its vast, natural settings it is perfect for any wedding.

Fort Point is another favorite, as it was the original protectorate of the entrance to the city in its early days. Its unique architecture and picturesque setting provide and exciting backdrop for a terrific wedding ceremony.

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