Gooee Leading The Way in Smart Lighting

The lighting world as we know it is changing. Instead of the standard traditional lighting of the past, LED lighting is now taking over as the new standard. Not only is LED lighting taking over, the trend of smart home devices, including lighting, is on the rise as well. At the forefront of this new trend is Gooee, a company that designs and engineers innovative lighting solutions.

Smart LED lighting is becoming the choice of consumers for several reasons: they are able to control the settings with their smart phones even if they are not in the home, it conserves on energy, and it is more advanced than the standard traditional lighting. Gooee is helping advance the technology of smart lighting to help bring Internet of Things (IoT) lighting into the homes of all consumers who are interested in the product.

The smart home is the future, and Gooee is helping to make that future happen with their innovative lighting and sensing environments.

Understanding the Core Investment Banking Activities

An investment bank works on behalf of individuals, governments and corporations to help them raise financial capital. The bank acts as an agent to the institutions in securities market. It also initiates mergers and acquisitions to ensure seamless transition among companies. Investment banks are different from conventional banks in the sense they deal with higher risk activities and do not accept deposits.

To prevent information from leaking, an investment bank also creates a separating wall through private areas within the bank, which are tasked with handling private insider information that should not be disclosed publicly.

Basic investment banking activities

Investment banking is divided into back office, front office and middle office activities. Investment banks assist both investors and corporations to secure securities. They also edify corporations through information about when to sell their securities.

The front office role of an investment bank deals with everything that concerns revenue generation. There are different kinds of market that the investment bank should review to come up with guiding information that can inspire decision making.


Before investing in securities, it is vital to have first hand information about the prospects of company. This is basically what the research division of an investment bank helps to effect. Information assists traders in making decisions that are profitable because the market is volatile and any slight deviation from the truth could cause huge losses.

Martin Lustgarten and his contribution

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been working with different companies in the securities market for years. His roles in assisting companies include market review and preparation of reports about the movement of financial commodities. He held both Australian and Venezuela citizenship and he leveraged citizenship so he could reach more clients to offer them assistance in making investment decisions.

Retirement is a dream among many people, but Martin Lustgarten thinks his skills should never be left to rest when there are hundreds of people looking for useful information. He has been active for decades and his view about the market is broad and informed by the changes that happen each day.

Logistics and Facilities Management Company IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services is a top facilities management, technology and logistics company based in the United States. The company helps a number of private organizations as well as the United States government establish infrastructure and technology management in remote areas throughout the world. With IAP Worldwide, a number of organizations will have the assistance they need in order to construct buildings, construct roads, establish communication and energy systems and also introduce and oversee technological resources. By working with IAP Worldwide Services, numerous government and private sector organizations will have the ability to establish a presence anywhere in the world.

Whenever an organization is looking to get established in a remote area, it will be very important to have quality infrastructure. In some remote areas in the world, infrastructure may be lacking. As a result, it will be important to establish it. IAP Worldwide is available to help put together a solid infrastructure so that organizations can begin operations and complete projects on With IAP Worldwide, organizations will have a company that will design, develop and construct roads that will allow them to use transportation. The company will also design and develop facilities and buildings so that organizations can carry out operations from a set location.

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After putting together roads and buildings, the next thing that organizations will need is to establish a communications and energy system. IAP is available to put together a quality communications system that will help allow members of an organization to interact with one another. This company will install and manage satellites as well as signal devices throughout the area an organization wishes to settle in. Along with a communications system, IAP Worldwide will also design and install an energy facility as well. This will allow organizations to have climate control and electricity so that they can more easily operate and stay comfortable in remote areas.

Another thing that IAP will help organizations establish is a technology system. IAP Worldwide Services will provide technology solutions to make sure that organizations can more efficiently conduct operations. It will install and manage servers, routers, monitors and hard drives. As well as installing a number of technological devices, IAP Worldwide will help make sure that all data is safe and secure. With secure data and information, organizations will be sure to have their important data protected from potential threats. By having well managed technology, many organizations will be able to operate with the most updated technological resources available.


Securus Provides Crime Prevention Services

Ever since the company was founded over ten years ago, Securus Technologies has been a leader when it comes to providing communications and security services and products to the law enforcement industry. Today, the Dallas-based company, provides its products and services to thousands of locations, which serve over one million inmates today. View the company profile on

The company is best known for its video visitation platform, which can be used by an inmate to connect instantly with their friends, family members, or attorneys. While this has provided a significant amount of convenience to the inmates, visitors, and the facilities, it has proven to have an additional benefit as well.

Many of the customers of the video visitation service product and other services provided by Securus have reported that they are able to use the systems to prevent and solve crimes. Securus offers a monitoring service to all of their customers, which includes a recording of all phone calls and video calls that take place. The company will then be able to review the calls and filter them for key words and phrases.

Whenever a concern pops up during the phone call, Securus will be able to forward the log of the call to the local law enforcement agency. Law enforcement agencies have reported that they have been able to use the information to prevent and solve crimes from occurring inside and outside of the prisons.