Doug Levitt Gives A Voice To Struggling Americans

If there is one thing that a lot of struggling Americans and people that are down on their luck need, it is a voice. Fortunately, Doug Levitt is getting ready to be one of those voices. He is putting together a large book that is filled with a lot of stories from people that are struggling. He is doing this through his travels on the Greyhound Bus. He sits with people who are traveling with people and talks with them as they share their stories about their struggles. He gets to know where they come from and where they are going.

Doug Levitt himself is a writer, songwriter and singer. Among the things he plans to do with the stories he gets from the people that he talks to is to adapt them into songs as well as put them in his book. These stories that he is collecting are not just sad stories, but they are also very inspiring. For one thing, he is not just looking to show people in pain and needing help, he is looking to show people that are doing things about their circumstances. He is also looking to show that there is still hope for people in all circumstances.

The Greyhound Diaries are going to be filled with stories that warm harts and shed tears. With all of the inspiration that he is gonna get from people, maybe he could shake the people who are more fortunate out of apathy. One thing that he is trying to do is put a human face to the struggles of the world. As the struggling are given a human face, they will be more likely to receive the help and the responses needed to ease the struggles of the many that have been affected by different circumstances.

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Charity in Dallas

The Dallas-based asset management firm has remained one of the industry leaders, with total assets worth 18 billion dollars. Highland Capital Assets is the industry leader in alternative credit methods for institutional investors, and arbitraging distressed assets. Highland’s investment advice combines macro-level economic forecasts and micro-level investment advice on loans.

Dondero’s credentials are impressive. Prior to founding PAMCO, which became Highland Capital Management, he raised over two billion dollars in returns for Protective Life Insurance Company, and began his career as an analyst in 1984. He graduated with honors from the University of Virginia, and in a career spanning thirty years, has been a pioneer in credit-oriented solutions and collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs).

Highland Capital Management, under Dondero’s direction, is stepping up its game in the local community with philanthropic efforts. Teaming up with Linda Owen, renowned for her leadership in the Dallas philanthropic community, James Dondero has brought her on to manage and execute on Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving programs as they expand and extend their reach. Owen will be the liaison between Highland Capital Management and the Dallas Foundation, which provides research and suggestions on ways for philanthropy to have the greatest impact in the local community.

Highland Capital’s annual charitable contributions are in the realm of $3 million dollars annually, with an emphasis on the plight of veterans, boosting education and its impact, and health care for the poor. Highland’s grants have benefited the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Center for Brain Health, and the American Heart Association.

Dondero has had a lifetime focus on philanthropy but it’s one that’s had to take a back seat as he’s grown his business. His other roles as chairmen and board members of other, related industry giants has also consumed his time. Bringing in Linda Owen ensures that his philanthropy will follow his aims, even as his attention is directed elsewhere.

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The Powerful Marketing Tool of Talk Fusion

Given Bob Reina’s knowledge of the industry, he knew just what the consumers needed. He provided those needs with Talk Fusion, a service for video chat. He has taken the time to develop this software program with multiple purposes. He is very confident in the ability of his invention to carry out those purposes. Bob Reina is confident and passionate because he has started from a vision. His vision was that of a more prosperous and well connected world. In pursuit of his vision, he did some research and learned all that he can about the industry so that he can build something that could bring a great advantage to entrepreneurs as well as others.

Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion is built to connect people together. In a world where people communicate mostly through text, people only experience a superficial form of connection. However, people who are on social media tend to feel a greater sense of isolation as opposed to people who take the time to actually connect with others. Fortunately, Talk Fusion changes that with video chat so that people can actually connect more deeply. They get to sit and talk to each other, see each other, and hear each other.

Talk Fusion is also powerful a marketing tool. Where a lot of internet marketers were stuck with using text in email marketing, Talk Fusion has opened up the potential to reach more customers with video marketing. Internet marketers are now able to use video in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of what they have to offer. With effective marketing, a business will grow. As a business grows, there will be room to hire more workers. Bob Reina wants to help people build and grow their business so that there will be more job opportunities. Talk Fusion gives business owners the edge that they need in order to pursue their goals.

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Kenneth Goodgame a Breathe of Fresh Air for Fresh Value

Kenneth Goodgame is a well-known Operations Management leader. He specifically works in creating billion-dollar OEM excellence, by using a combination of different tactics. These tactics that he uses includes innovative marketing, merchandising, streamlining financial oversight, and great business strategies.

Kenneth strives to deliver a combination of corporate alignment, employee engagement, and quality assurance systems. This makes it easy for him to help companies improve their performance and profitability.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Kenneth started working at The Home Dept in 1994, where he worked his way up to Hardlines Product Merchant in 1995. He was put in charge of purchasing for the indoor gardening center. Soon after that he became Director of Proprietary Bands and held that position until 2001 when he was promoted to Senior Global Product Merchant. During his short time in this position, Kenneth was able to execute a deal with Toro branded snow equipment which increased sales by $55 million.

In 2002, he took the job of President and General Manager of Rubbermaid Cleaning. It is no surprise that he worked his way to up being Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. In only 18 months he was able to grow Irwin PTA & Shur-Line Painting Products revenue to $490 million.

He then went on to work at Techtronic Industries North America, as the President of Baja Motorsports. During his time here, Kenneth was able to open 30 stores across the United States, where every store was averaging $1 million in sales per year.

The Ace Hardware Corporation hired Kenneth as their General Merchandising Manager in 2010. He was put in charge of the creative direction for modernizing the branding, which was the first time it was changed in 25 years.

Kenneth worked at Ace until 2013, when he took a job with True Value Hardware Corporation. He worked as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising office for several years. It is no surprise that Kenneth thrived at True Value Hardware. He was able to turn around the low-performing buying team and created a high energy team that improved saving by 10%.

Eric Pulier Has Many Interests

Many people in the world today have multiple kinds of interests. They will often find that they want to be involved in all kinds of activities rather than just a single kind of activity. Such is the case for Eric Pulier. From an early age, Pulier realized that his life would lead him in varied directions. He knew that he could do just about anything he wanted to do. This has helped him create an unconventional career that is about doing many kinds of jobs rather than just a single job at a single company. He knows that his skills and talents can also help illustrate how to harness the power of the human spirit to make the world a much better place.

Varied Business Ventures

As Pulier tells others, his particular interests lie in the world of business. He loves the idea of being able to work with others on a specific idea. This is why he has decided to start multiple businesses during the course of his career such as Digital Evolution. Having his fingers in many pie rather than a single one helps keep him sharp and engaged with the world. It also helps him to hone his own skills in management and finance. He has helped use his many skills to provide capital for businesses and guidance for employees.

A Caring Person

Pulier is also someone who truly cares about people. As the founder of several companies, he is always there for his employees and colleagues with a kind word and a pat on the back. He is also always there when it comes to helping others create all kinds of charities. He has been involved in helping to raise funds for charities such as the Painted Turtle, a camp that helps bring kids who have a chronic illness together for a fun time each summer. It is this devotion to the needs of others that have helped make his own life richer. As the father of four children, he knows the importance of demonstrating good morals and true caring to others in every possible way.

John Goullet: Pushing Diversant to New Frontiers

Job hunting is a tiresome and grueling process that will leave a job seeker tired and exhausted. Most people will settle for any job as long as they get paid and receive some benefits. The problem of entering into employment that one is not suited for is that you as the employee will not enjoy your working experience. The experience will apply both ways since employers will not get committed, motivated and hardworking staff. Over the years firms have sprung up offering jobs and recruitment services targeting both large and small companies. They promise some things which might be impracticable and charge a lot for their services.

Diversant is the exact opposite of these firms. It is built on trust hard work and a partnership between two exceptional and brilliant people. The company is centered on good customer relationship and fulfillment of individuals and organizations that require its services. Diversant finds employers and employees who are in need of IT jobs. The best part is that it provides follow-up services and conduct tests to ensure that the person delivered is suited for the task required and that he or she will be compensated accordingly.

It is headquartered in New Jersey US and offers its services to clients and has satellite branches in California, Arizona, and Iowa. The company is well versed with IT related jobs. Its contacts are readily available, and a potential employer/employee will not need a tiresome search over the internet for employees. Diversant has a Facebook page which it uses to air tips and guidelines about job searching and how to dress when attending a job interview. A quick investigation over the internet will reveal that it has a lot of positive reviews from its clients. Complaints are handled swiftly to ensure smooth customer relations.

John Goullet is Diversant’s chairperson. He joined the company in 2011 when his own company Info Technologies merged with Diversant. He studied information and technology and subsequently graduated with honors. At 33 years he had started his business and had successfully employed himself. He financed and promoted his company, Info Technologies, from his savings and worked hard to make a name for himself. John brought a lot of input to Diversant and will take the IT recruitment and staffing company to greater heights.

Dick DeVos and his Many Donations

Dick DeVos of Amway Corporation is a prominent member of the DeVos family, a family that is known to be one of the richest families in the United States as well as the world due to the fact that this is the family that has founded and has funded countless company startups that specialize in offering the best products to the consumer. Dick DeVos has a degree in business administration and has the rare luck of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do ever since he was young. Mr. DeVos has fond memories in regards to business and remembers spending much time with his father and his other family members thanks to this business.

The DeVos family is a family that is most known for their many contributions to businesses and communities all over the United States. As this family is one of the richest families in the world, this business has felt as though it is the duty of the business to give back to the community in order to make sure that opportunities and wealth is made available for all members. The DeVos family is especially dedicated to giving back to worthy organizations as well as charities that provide solutions to poverty through civic duty, education reforms, as well as through religious techniques.

One of the most important ways to improve the wealth of a community in the eyes of Dick DeVos is to give back to them and fund many endeavors. Dick DeVos is especially interested in giving back to several organizations that specialize in providing education opportunities for the future. As an individual who worked hard in school and who received a quality education, Dick DeVos found it important that education be something that is based upon merit and dedication rather than based upon the amount that one is willing to pay for the education.

As a supporter of many education initiatives, Dick DeVos has funded not only many scholarships, but has also created a school that is dedicated to individuals who have a passion for aviation. This school was founded in 2010 and was named the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that offers a free education to the individuals that look to work hard at want their goal is in life. Though Dick DeVos believes that nothing should be given to someone, he believes that opportunities should always be provided for that individual.